Got Bicycles?

The Skeltons have lots of bicycles. They are the vehicle of the future!

Current bikes

A carbon frame from China outfitted with as much carbon I could afford, along with sram red brakes and Nashbar micro shift.
A carbon frame from China outfitted with old tossed out parts and wheels. Nice and light!
An old 7 speed Rans Stratus recumbent, which got me out of a jam when I broke my collar bone. A great commuter!
A Cannondale recumbent for the wife, complete with suspension
A Cannondale Tandem 2, with a Gates carbon drive timing "chain"

Bikes we left behind in our last move

An almost brand new Trek 7500 9 speed hybrid modified with road bars and Dura Ace shifters complete with flight deck and fenders. Perfect for heading to town on the local trails in bad weather
A neglected Bianchi Vitara road bike which has been upgraded ad-infinitum. The only original part is the front derailler.
My first attempt at making a recumbent bicycle! 7 speeds with triple ring up front makes it OK for off road. At 38 lbs with a funny steering tube, it doesn't go too far.
My wife's old road bike converted to recumbent. The addition of a genuine recumbent front wheel makes this one fast. At 28 lbs with a respectable looking steering tube, I take this one into town.
Take one Apollo Mark III and one Motobecane Nomade and weld them together and what do you get? A homemade tandem! Over the years this one has been improved with 7 speed rear wheels, dual caliper brakes for stopping power, Ultegra shifters, and real tandem cables (non-spliced!)
A quick hack job resulting in a small tandem for the kids. These bikes were rescued from certain destruction.
Appropriate named "Supercycle Ascent" on the lower bike and "Extreme" on the upper, this one is surprisingly easy to ride—after you get on. Getting off is a little tricky as well!
An old Motiv8er hybrid outfitted with road bars for the wife. Great for keeping in shape.
Gary Fisher Gitche Gurnee. A solid bike for taking to the trails.
A small Giant Rincon for the youngest, though she's outgrowing it fast.
An old Fiori 6 speed rescued from the landfill, turned into a rain bike.
A stock Dahon foldable outfitted with a 3 speed rear wheel and coaster brake.

Old Retro Bikes we left behind in our 2nd to last move

An old Nishiki Century road bike converted to a city bike, with a 7 speed Shimmano Nexus hub and 26" wheels. Perfect for a short commute to work.
Schwinn Breeze, with a 3 speed freewheeling hub and those special 26 x 1 3/8" Schwinn tires. Perfect for hauling baby around.
Sheffield Free Spirit, but with 26 x 1.95" tires. This rear hub is a fixed single speed with coaster brake, since the 3 speed wheel gave up the ghost!
If anyone has a clue let me know! Equiped with 26" fat tires, a single speed hub with coaster brake, and a front brake added in case the chain falls off!
Magna Rebound ATB. The newest in the family. 12 speeds with 24" wheels, it's great for bombing up and down the road.
Ross Super Deluxe. This is an oldie, and built like a tank. Full sized fenders make it great for plowing through puddles.
Magna Starburst. With crank arms shorter than a finger, this bike is made for tikes that can't ride yet (!) Probably meant for a parent to push around.
Schwinn Racer! It's even red. But it doesn't have the original Schwinn sized 26 x 1 3/8" tires. Instead, it has a 3 speed hub with a coaster brake, and a real "Schwinn approved" spring seat.

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